First Ever Referral Pay System Set To Be Launched

 money   The biggest and first ever referral pay system dubbed “cash 4 Referral” will be launched in Accra, Ghana on Saturday, 20th of April, 2013.

This system which is founded and managed by InspireGold Investment Company, a Ghanaian Investment and Management company is said to be free to apply and to earn. According to the CEO of the investment company, Mr. Richard Eghan , the aim of the system is to bring together both people and businesses in such a way it creates opportunity for all.

He further explained that the referral pay system known as cash 4 referral is a marketing system which gives anyone above the age of 13, the opportunity to earn unlimited amount of money from their programs and promotions.

To start earning as a referrer, one must first apply for a free account. A referral “secret” code would then be generated which would be required during transactions.

Explaining the transaction process, Mr Eghan said “Think of cash 4 referral system as a virtual banking system. You apply, so your information is used to create an account in which all earnings are deposited.

To view earnings, you must first create a username and a password, which would be required to be able to log into the referrers (user) account. After you login, you can then locate your account and click show earnings to see how much you have earned so far”.

The program does not only benefit the referrers he explained. The referred customers would also be eligible to get up to 20% discounts off services and products they patronize from their advertisers.

They also give referrers the opportunities to earn bonuses by participating in their Facebook and other social media competition which according to them, the top 5 earners and top 5 active users would be eligible to earn not only the bonuses and referral fees but an employment package which would afford them the opportunity to be a part of their team.

InspireGold Investment in partnership with its foreign partners seeks to invest in startup businesses, technology, energy and education, among others.

InspireGold Investment Company – the company with the Midas touch



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