The Fix my Magnificent Koga

The nature of the argument is that i am getting fed up with this whole relationship thing and the need to be faithful, considering the fact that I’m not getting the loyalty i require back, because even as the man, i am fulfilling my end of the bargain despite the fact that i could get easy access to several ladies in several ways through several means, i try as much as possible not to fall into such contemptuous pits, since i don’t want to even adulterate my conscience, in as much as to even commit such vile act, but the most painful most heartbreaking part is that the person I’m trying so hard to be faithful for isn’t bothering as much as needed to fulfill her end of the bargain, she seems to play with fire with a strong convection that she is fireproof, it is kind of depressing and heartbreaking to give all the love you can gather for a person and she in turn will just effortlessly give you just about little as possible, you feel emotionally cheated because you also feel you can also be having some of the “fun” and sometimes you wonder if all worth it upholding and protecting your guard and keeping people away from you because you feel your heart is only available for only one person and little or no attention is given to other distractions, two questions are on my mind …SHOULD I HAVE SOME FUN TOO? AND SHOULD I ALSO TAKE THIS RELATIONSHIP AS CASUAL AS POSSIBLE?
if you feel me on this one please give me your sentiments because i am really in a fix



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